Kippot [Dec. 16th 2022]

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שבת שלום (Good shabbat)

Our kippot (skullcaps/yarmulkes) arrived today, just after sundown--right on time for the shabbat, actually. (Sidenote: my spellchecker marked "shabbat" as a misspelling of "sabbath," so that's interesting.)

The only kippah we've ever owned is a leftover bat mitzvah kippah that we were given at temple on Yom Kippur this year, so it's very different. They're nice, though. We got two: one for me, and one for my headmates to share. Both kippot are reversible, mine being red and white, and the other black and white--you can get them at Kids Kippot on Etsy. I plan to decorate the white side of mine, but I'm not sure how.

It's not bad, but surreal to have a tangible object marking our giyur, which until now we've only had in emails and my thoughts. And our Magen David, but we lost it a while ago getting an MRI, and haven't found it yet.

It does make me sad that we cant go to temple, though. At least, not this shabbat, and probably not the next. We could become members, and we'd be welcome, but our health is too bad for it. I can't wake up at 8 AM for torah study--my body can't even handle the stress of that, let alone attending. I might try calling the synagogue after the shabbat, and ask them about my options and speaking with the cantor--assuming I can even hear on Sunday.

But, at the very least, I have my own kippah to wear to the shul when I go, and when I start attending torah study again, I'll be recognized. That's enough, for now.